Louis Bailar

louisbailarThroughout his still young life Louis had encountered different styles of music, that made his sound of today. As a 6 year old he learned to play the synthesizer and the piano, playing the 80’s and 90’s hits at that time. At a later age, Louis learned to play the more complex classical genre. Loaded with musical knowledge he went on learning to play the guitar, on his own. With this instrument Louis discovered music where he could put his soul in; Blues and Jazz. For several years he played at jam sessions with his guitar, or on an organ or piano. Later on, at the age of 17, the musician wanted to record his own creations. He bought a Mac computer, a sound card and music software and went on experimenting, after a short while the first productions left the ”Bjazzled Studio” in his bedroom. After Jazz and Blues, Louis went on making Hip-Hop beats where he discovered to use the computer as an instrument. At the age of 18 Louis started to make House beats, he finally found a genre where he could put all his musical bagage in! Making music in the studio is great, but presenting it to a great audience is even better, so with the company of E-Sonic he started to make his entrance is the Dutch DJ scene. Toghether they scored several hits, and started their own label ”BoothFunk Records”. Right now, at the age of 23, Louis is one of the most upcoming DJ’s in the Dutch scene, producing wide-supported House tracks in his studio in Amsterdam.

In 2006 Louis started his professional DJ carreer, since then he already spinnned in the most common and well known Dutch clubs like Panama, Powerzone, Jimmy Woo, Hotel Arena, Sugar Factory, Club Storm, Taila Lounge and Bob’s Saloon. In 2009 he also made performances in Prague and Siofok (Hungary). Since 2007 Louis teamed up with DJ E-Sonic, together they scored a Dutch Mega Top100 hit, several Dutch Dance Top30 hits and a number one position in the Dance-Tunes Chart.

Louis’ productions are spinned on events and clubs like Sneakerz, Nope=Dope, Sexy Motherfucker, DuszDat, Taste-It, Soixante-Neuf, Panama, Escape, Bloomingdale, Powerzone, de Lichtfabriek and Club Storm. The tracks of Louis are supported by major acts, like Lucky Charmes, Partysquad, Hardwell, Benny Rodrigues, Lina Ann, Georgio Schultz, Carlos Barbosa, Rags2Riches, Ryan Marciano & Sunnery James.